Monday, August 10, 2009

Football League - UFAL is here!!!

Weekend football is not only on TV or Radio or in a High Dollar Stadium, it's in your town!!! Come see live NFL style games in your area California. Your game seat will only cost you anywhere from $5 to $10 dollars a person and you get to see live hits of football. Who are we? We are the United Football Alliance League - otherwise known as the U.F.A.L. We are a Developmental Football League with Football Teams all across Mid to Southern California. Our Teams consist of 18+ years athletic males looking to venture on to Professional Leagues all across the globe. All our games are held with Referee Officials with NFL style rules. All Players are in uniform with full gear. All Team Owners know this is a tough time this day and age to produce a Football Team, but all are excelling and beating the odds. Our teams are what keep the U.F.A.L. progressing daily to become an elite professional league known worldwide. We are currently looking for sponsorships, donations, football fields for major events, marketing personnel, transportation, football scouts, football recruiters and teams for our 2010 season.

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